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SABIAN HHX Complex O-Zone Crash 17 in.


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A thin crash cymbal with complex hammering, cut with a 2" sound hole for extra trashy tone

The SABIAN HHX Complex cymbal series continues to innovate with the HHX Complex O-Zone crash, a thin crash with a single 2" O-Zone hole for a trashy, dark, explosive cut. Using trickle-down technology gleaned from years of developing some of the world’s top-selling cymbals lines like Evolution, Legacy and Artisan, SABIAN HHX Complex has redefined the modern sound. HHX Complex O-Zone Crashes aim to continue that same course, delivering dark, raw, aggressive bite by using SABIAN's historic, innovative O-Zone hole design pattern that has graced some of their most acclaimed cymbal series.


  • Dark, thin crash cymbal with O-Zone sound hole and intricate hammering pattern
  • HH and HHX hammering bring out lows and complexity of tone
  • 2" O-Zone hole design made famous in SABIAN's other cymbal series
  • Trashy, aggressive response
  • Complex overtones keep attack and decay smooth