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SABIAN Stratus Cymbal Set Standard


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Essential cymbal pack for drum sets with warm, articulate tones.

The SABIAN Stratus cymbal set provides serious drummers with a versatile selection of cymbals that produce controlled yet explosive sounds. With 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash and a 20" ride cymbal, this set lets you shape a balanced drum kit sound for any genre.

Articulate Hi-Hats Provide a Solid Foundation

The 14" Stratus hi-hats deliver an articulate chick sound with a warm, semi-dark spread that provides a solid rhythmic foundation. Their medium weight and responsive bronze allow for quick, controlled playing. The hi-hats cut through the mix with clarity yet blend well with the set's crash and ride cymbals.

Versatile Crash Cymbals Offer Dynamic Accents

The 16" and 18" Stratus crashes provide quick, explosive accents with a lower pitch. Their medium thin weight allows them to open freely with a shimmering swell. The crashes work well as accent cymbals for drum fills or as primary crash cymbals for certain genres. Either crash blends seamlessly with the hi-hats and ride for cohesive kit sound.

Warm Ride Cymbal Delivers Controlled Wash

The 20" Stratus ride cymbal produces an articulate ping with a warm undertone that builds to a controlled wash. Its medium weight provides enough mass for a strong, clear bell with a fast crash when needed. The large diameter offers ample surface area for riding patterns. The ride's balanced tone complements the set's hi-hats and crashes for a uniform set of cymbals.

Premium Design and Materials for Serious Sound

SABIAN crafted the Stratus cymbals from B20 bronze, a premium alloy blend that provides musical tone and strength. Their medium weights allow the cymbals to speak clearly with full, rich sounds. The cymbals feature SABIAN's Natural Finish for an uncoated, musical tone. Overall, the Stratus cymbal set offers serious drummers professional-quality cymbals for balanced, versatile applications.


  • 14" hi-hats 
  • 16" and 18" crashes 
  • 20" ride 
  • High-impact hammering
  • Crafted from B20 bronze