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Sabian STRATUS Splash Cymbal 10 in.


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An agile splash cymbal that pierces through your music.

The SABIAN STRATUS splash cymbal delivers crisp, shimmering accents to your drum set. Engineered for drummers seeking cutting frequencies, this thin cymbal is designed to quickly cut through dense mixes. Traditional bell hammering reduces unwanted overtones for a tight, focused splash with a quick decay.

Quick Decay for Tight Splashes

The STRATUS splash cymbal's thin profile and high-impact hammering work together to produce a fast decay, allowing you to create quick, staccato splashes that won't clutter up your drum sound. When you need tight, rhythmic accents, this splash cymbal delivers with a fast attack and decay.

Traditional Bell for Focused Tone

A traditional bell size gives this splash cymbal a focused tone with fewer unwanted overtones. The bell's size helps direct the cymbal's sound for splashes that cut through dense mixes. When recording or performing, you'll appreciate how this focused splash sits in the mix without crowding out other instruments.

B20 Bronze for Bright Splashes

Crafted from B20 bronze, a high-quality cymbal alloy, this splash cymbal produces bright splashes with a warm wash of overtones. B20 bronze is a versatile, musical alloy used in many of Sabian's professional cymbals. On the STRATUS splash, it provides an ideal balance of cut, warmth and shimmer.


  • high-impact hammered 10" splash
  • Traditional bell size
  • B20 bronze
  • Short sustain