Item #1475839 Model #50 P5-4MA

Schilke P5-4MA Traditional Custom MA Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Silver plated Silver Plated


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Superior intonation and even feel in all ranges.

The P5-4 Traditional Custom Series has long been the reference standard in piccolo trumpet construction and sound. Characterized by its superior intonation and even feel in all ranges, this classic trumpet model is the perfect for orchestral musicians and soloists.

The P5-4MA model offers a superior design with advanced pitch adjustment.

The Schilke P5-4MA features a 4 valve construction with a .450 inch medium bore and a 4 inch copper bell with a #8 taper designed for a rich tone with outstanding projection and superior intonation in all registers. The P5-4MA also features a removable 4th valve slide assembly and a second additional half-tone slide.

When using the smaller half-tone slide and holding the fourth valve down, the player is able to lower the pitch of the piccolo trumpet by a major 2nd, placing the instrument in the key of G. This modification will assist with difficult trills and awkward keyed passages.

This handmade Schilke piccolo trumpet is available in silver or in gold plate finish.

  • Key: Bb / A
  • Bore: .450-inch
  • Leadpipe: Combination Bb/A Leadpipe with Cornet Shank Receiver and A Leadpipe with Trumpet Shank Receiver
  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell: 4-inch with #8 Taper
  • Bell Material: Copper
  • Valves: 4 Monel Piston
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Finish: Silver plate, Gold Plate


  • Available versions: P5-4MA Silver, P5-4MAGP Gold
  • Long copper bell design
  • Medium bore
  • Small throat bell

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to