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S.E. SHIRES TBQ30A Q-Series Axial F-Attachment Trombone Lacquer Gold Brass Bell


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Shires designs with Eastman production.

The S.E. Shires Q30YA Professional Tenor Trombone delivers a powerful yet nuanced tone for trombonists looking to expand their sonic possibilities. Featuring an 8.5" yellow brass bell and open wrap F-attachment with axial-flow valve, this trombone provides seamless transitions between registers and a free-blowing feel.

QTY Bell Promotes Rich, Complex Tones
At the heart of this trombone's balanced sound is an 8.5" QTY bell crafted from yellow brass. QTY bells are hand-hammered to impart subtle character into each note and provide dense, resonant tones. A QI taper and soldered bead also focus the trombone's sound for articulate attacks and note clarity. Together, these design elements give players a dark, vintage-inspired tone reminiscent of classic Elkhart horns.

Axial-Flow Valve Vanquishes Resistance
While F-attachments typically introduce wind resistance, S.E. Shires' axial-flow valve eliminates this problem. Its streamlined design guides air in a straight path, resulting in an open feel comparable to a straight tenor trombone. Players will appreciate how easily and freely this trombone blows, especially in the low register. The open wrap further reduces air turbulence for a natural response and broad dynamic range.

Interchangeable Leadpipes Customize Response
To suit different playing styles, this trombone includes three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes. Players can choose between leadpipe tapers to adjust the trombone's resistance and alter its response. This versatility makes the Q30YA ideal for any genre from classical to contemporary. Finding the perfect leadpipe for your needs helps this trombone become an extension of your musical voice.

Unmatched Craftsmanship from S.E. Shires
S.E. Shires is renowned for "quality without compromise," and their artisans build each trombone with meticulous dedication to detail. From the hand-hammered bell to the buttery .547" bore handslide, every component contributes to an instrument with a clear, singing voice and peerless playability. For trombonists seeking a boutique-quality horn at an accessible price, the S.E. Shires Q30YA is an outstanding choice.


  • QTY Bell: 8.5 inch, two-piece, hand-hammered “QI” taper in lightweight yellow brass with soldered bead
  • Axial-flow F Valve
  • QW47 Handslide: .547-inch, standard-weight yellow brass; nickel-silver wide crook
  • QY Tuning Slide
  • Three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes (1, 2, 3)
  • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark and model designation
  • Includes Q Series tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit