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Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone 52JS - Silver Plated


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An updated edition of the most popular Selmer Paris sax ever.

The Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Edition alto saxophone builds on over a century of craftsmanship to deliver an instrument of stunning power and nuance. The Series II has long been the choice of discerning professionals, and this special Jubilee Edition is a celebration of Selmer's enduring legacy of saxophone excellence. Featuring a hand-engraved bell and bow, redesigned neck, and lacquer finish in warm golden hues, the Model 52 Jubilee Edition is as visually striking as it is tonally versatile. Its full-ribbed yellow brass body and premium leather pads produce a robust yet centered tone that handles any musical situation with ease. For over 125 years, Selmer Paris has been shaping the evolution of the saxophone, and the Series II Model 52 Jubilee Edition alto saxophone embodies the pinnacle of their art.

A Redesigned Neck for Effortless Playability
The Model 52 Jubilee Edition features a redesigned neck for a lighter mechanism and sleeker profile, allowing for faster fingering and enhanced control. The redesigned "S" shaped neck also provides improved intonation for a more accurate, resonant tone. These ergonomic upgrades make the Jubilee Edition as comfortable to play as it is stunning to behold.

Hand-Engraved Bell and Bow for Visual Majesty
In the spirit of traditional French craft, the bell, bow, and bell-to-bow ring of the Model 52 Jubilee Edition are adorned with intricate hand engraving. The bell features Selmer's signature engraving, while the bow is decorated with an elegant floral motif. The hand engraving is a visual embodiment of the Model 52's status as an instrument of distinction, suited for the most discerning musicians.

Premium Features for Professional-Grade Performance
Like all Series II saxophones, the Model 52 Jubilee Edition is built with premium features for the demands of professional use. Its full-ribbed yellow brass body with lacquer finish provides exceptional durability and tonal resonance. Treated leather pads with metal resonators ensure an airtight seal for consistent intonation and tone. Blued steel needle springs provide fast, accurate key response for fluid playability. From its premium pads to hand engraving, every detail of the Model 52 Jubilee Edition is crafted to the highest professional standards.

A Celebration of Selmer's 125-Year Legacy
For over a century, Selmer Paris has shaped the sound of jazz and defined the modern saxophone. The Series II Model 52 Jubilee Edition alto saxophone embodies Selmer's enduring legacy of innovation and craftsmanship. With premium build quality, versatile tone, and stunning hand-engraved design, the Model 52 Jubilee Edition is an instrument that honors the past while looking to the future—just like the musicians who play it.

  • Model: Jubilee Series II 52 Alto Saxophone
  • Acoustics: Series II body style-full sound
  • Necks: Series II bore
  • Construction: full ribs
  • Body material: yellow brass
  • Mouthpiece: S80C
  • Table opening/length): 1:60 mm/22mm (0.086"/0.062")
  • Mechanism: compact key positioning - closer to the body anddirectly under the hand
  • Range: high F# key
  • Front F key: spatula
  • Left-hand thumb rest: plastic
  • Right-hand thumb rest: plastic adjustable
  • Adjusting screws: high F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar,low C#, low B, side C, side Bb
  • Pivot screws: tapered
  • Needle springs: blued steel
  • Pads: treated leather with metal resonators
  • Finish options: Honey gold Lacquer (52JU), Matte Lacquer (52JM), Black Lacquer (52JBL), Silver-Plated (52JS), Gold-Plated (52JGP)


  • S80C mouthpiece offers dynamic aesthetics and an optimized acoustic resonance
  • Gold tone lacquer offers more warmth and presence
  • New style of outline engraving highlights a thinner, more elegant and elaborate design from the bell to the bow, with Henri Selmer's signature on the connecting ring
  • A redesigned octave neck key has a lighter mechanism and subtly thinner outlines
  • The bow-to-bow ring displays the original signature of Henri Selmer
  • 100% French manufactured
  • Included accessory kit features the latest Selmer Paris top-of-the-range accessory line, including strap, swab, cloth and cork grease