Item #1590730 Model #SM-IXN

Spaceman Effects Ixion Optical Compressor Effects Pedal Silver Standard

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Optical compressor with an ultra-wide tonal palette, comprehensive controls and exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

The Spaceman Effects Ixion effects pedal is an extremely smooth, clean, and low-noise optical compressor that gives you an astronomical amount of variation, depth and dimension. It features an ultra-wide tonal palette, comprehensive controls, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. You get the gain-reduction power of an optical photocell, a parallel-compression mix control, and Spaceman's signature discrete FET stages.

The Ixion also provides numerous sidechain features, including an equal-loudness filter, an external input jack for signal processing or use with an external expression pedal. There’s also harmonically rich make-up gain, a treble-centric tone control, and the ability to accept up to 18V for higher headroom. Regardless of your configuration, the Ixion always offers the fattest, juiciest tone with a warm, vintage appeal. Use it on guitar, bass or your tabletop and push beyond boundaries into uncharted realms of sonic possibility.


  • Smooth, clean, low-noise optical compressor
  • Ultra-wide tonal palette, comprehensive controls, excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Equal-loudness filter
  • External input jack for signal processing