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SPL Track One 2960 Standard


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Meet all your recording needs in one unit.

The Track One is a fully equipped channel strip for fast and reliable voice and instrument recording, meeting the highest demands on sound and reliability.
Microphone Input
  • Frequency response:  
    10 Hz-200 kHz ( -3 dB) 
  • Maximum input level : +8 dBu
  • Common mode rejection at -20 dBu: 1 kHz: -80 dB/10 kHz: -68 dB
  • THD & N:
    Amplification: A-weighted:
  • 20dB              -97,5dBu 
  • 40 dB             -91,0 dBu 

  • 65 dB             - 69,6 dBu
  • Dynamic response:

Instrument Input

  • Frequency response                             10 Hz-180 kHz (-3 dB)

    THD & N                                               Amplification: A-weighted:

  •                                                           7 dB              -98,4 dBu
  •                                                           20 dB            -95,8 dBu
  •                                                           42 dB            -72,2 dBu

    Input impedance                                   Line: 12kOhm, Instrument: 1 MOhm

    Maximum input level                             Line: +28 dBu/Instrument: +12 dBu

    Dynamic response                                115 dB


    Max. output level                                  +20 dBu

    Output impedance                                ‹ 50 Ohm

    Power supply

    • Toroidal transformer                             15 VA

      Fuses:                                                   315 mA (230 V/50 Hz)

    •                                                               630 mA (115 V/60 Hz)


    Mic/Instr./Line Preamp
    • The Track One is equipped with two preamps: a microphone preamp with 48V phantom power and a separate instrument preamp.
    • The Auto-Dynamic De-Esser unobtrusively and effectively removes disturbing S-sounds by detecting only the “S-frequencies” and reducing them by phase cancellation.
    • The compressor is also extremely easy to operate via a controller; its strength lies in its unobtrusive, musical operation. The compressor/limiter section has excellent noise and distortion data.
    Equalizer With Air Band
    • For Track One, an EQ section has been designed specifically for processing voices and acoustic and electronic instruments. The Air Band filter works on the basis of a coil/condenser filter.
    Output & Metering
    • The variable Output helps adjusting the gain to optimally drive following equipment.
    • In the display the output level, S-Reduction activity, signal presence and overload as well as the compressor’s gain reduction are shown.