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Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci Majesty MAJ170 Majesty Electric Guitar Chalk Grey


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A boldly innovative 7-string electric guitar forged through collaboration.

Designed in partnership between Ernie Ball Music Man and progressive metal titan John Petrucci, the 7-string Sterling by Music Man Majesty MAJ170 electric guitar represents a pinnacle in creative guitar engineering. Blending Petrucci's visionary specifications with Music Man's master craftsmanship, the Majesty grants you unhindered access to unconventional tunings and advanced techniques. Its mahogany set neck provides a rigid anchor point for ecstatic sustain and harmonically rich tonality. Carved for seamless upper fret access, the neck heel virtually disappears in your hand. Locking tuners augment tuning integrity through intense rhythmic passages and soaring leads. With the 12dB push/pull volume boost, you can punch through the mix at will. The Majesty's voice is powered by a pair of biting ceramic humbuckers, selected via the versatile 3-way toggle switch. Let your imagination take flight with the meticulously designed Majesty 7-string.

Set Mahogany Neck Enhances Sustain and Warmth

The Majesty's set mahogany neck delivers singing sustain and resonant body. Its rigidity prevents loss of vibration, allowing each note to ring out fully. Mahogany's natural warmth thickens up the fundamental tone, accentuating the guitar's organic wood character. The set construction provides strength and stability under the duress of aggressive playing styles. Shredding up and down the fingerboard, you'll appreciate how the Majesty's mahogany neck enhances and colors each note.

With Carved Neck Heel for Total Upper Fret Access

Optimized for virtuosic soloing across all 24 jumbo stainless steel frets, the Majesty's neck heel is deeply carved for seamless access. You can blaze up past the 22nd fret with no obstruction impeding your fingers. The heel's ergonomic contour feels smooth and natural as you fly up the neck. No need to strain your hand trying to reach those soaring high notes. The Majesty's neck heel carve lets your fingers move freely to tap dizzying leads.

With Locking Tuners for Rock-Solid Tuning Stability

No matter how violently you strike the strings, the Majesty's locking tuners keep everything locked in tune. The locking mechanism prevents the posts from losing tension, while the 18:1 gear ratio provides precise tuning control. You never have to worry about tuning slippage when bending strings, tremolo picking or diving on the whammy bar. The Majesty's locking tuners give you tuning reliability for staying in key through entire songs and sets. Just set it and forget it.

With 12dB Push/Pull Volume Boost for Lead Domination

When it's time for your solo, push the volume knob to activate a 12dB boost for cutting through the mix. The volume potentiometer toggles between standard output and cranked output with a single press. Kick it into overdrive and your sound will soar above the other instruments. Scoop out mids for more chug or add some treble bite to slice through. With the Majesty's volume boost, you wield ultimate command over the lead voice. Crank your sound up from 10 to 11.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to