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Studio 49 Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophones BX 2000 Diatonic Bass


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Inspire creativity with a versatile xylophone.

The Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophone offers musicians of all ages an accessible instrument to explore music. Crafted by Studio 49, a German company dedicated to high-quality percussion instruments since 1949, this xylophone features rosewood bars that produce a warm and resonant tone. Its diatonic scale ranges from C to A1, along with F# and Bb bars for creating unique scales. Stamped note names on each bar make it easy to identify the correct notes.

Resonator Box Provides Optimum Projection
The Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophone comes with a resonator box made of solid pine with multiple chambers that enhances the instrument's projection. The resonator box captures the vibrations from the rosewood bars and amplifies their sound, allowing musicians to fill a room with music.

Flexible Pins Enable Easy Assembly and Transport
Flexible pins attach the rosewood bars to the resonator box, making it simple to remove and reassemble the bars without causing damage. The flexible pins also allow for quiet and secure transport of the instrument. Integrated handles on the resonator box provide an easy way to carry the xylophone and the handles can attach to an optional stand for stationary playing.

Additional Bars Allow for Experimentation
While the Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophone includes the standard C to A1 diatonic scale, it also comes with F# and Bb bars. These additional bars give musicians the freedom to create unique scales and explore different tonalities. With its rosewood bars, resonator box and additional bars for experimentation, the Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophone inspires endless creativity.

High-Quality Components Built to Last
All components of the Series 2000 Rosewood Orff Xylophone are built to rigorous standards to provide an instrument that will encourage music making for years to come. From the rosewood bars to the solid pine resonator box, each element is crafted with care and precision.

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