Item #1556470 Model #03-DAD-0001

Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Effects Pedal Silver

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Analog warmth meets digital versatility in a delay pedal designed for guitarists.

The Suhr Discovery brings you the cherished warmth and vibe of analog delay with the flexibility of digital control. Built on reissued MN3005 bucket brigade chips, the Discovery pedal retains the unmistakable sound of iconic vintage delays. With 127 savable presets, you can instantly recall your favorite delay settings. An intelligent tap tempo averages your last four taps to help you nail the perfect delay time.

Shape the Tone with Filters and Modulation

Further sculpt your delays with the Discovery's filter section. Cut lows or highs to go from a rich, full echo to a crisp dub delay. Add modulation for vintage warble or modern chorus effects. The selectable triangle, sine and square waveforms provide diverse modulating possibilities.

Utilize Expression and MIDI for Creative Control

For creative delay possibilities, connect an expression pedal to the Discovery. Custom-map knobs to the expression pedal, with unique sweeps, all savable per preset. Ramp up delay times or achieve infinite sustain effects. With MIDI implementation, the Discovery fits any live or studio setup. Easily switch presets or control parameters via MIDI.

Harness Analog Warmth with Digital Versatility

The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay brings you an inspiring creative tool, merging the warmth of analog circuitry with the flexibility of digital control. Shape your tone with the filter and modulation sections. Utilize expression and MIDI control for creative delay effects. With 127 savable presets, instantly recall your favorite analog delay sounds.