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Summit Audio FEQ 50 Passive Tube Solid State EQ Standard


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Get great-sounding tube and solid state EQ in a single unit

Drawing on Summit Audio's years of audio research and design experience, the FeQ-50 Passive Tube/Solid State Equalizer provides extraordinarily musical-sounding, flexible 4-band EQ, featuring the increased phase coherence and rich harmonics that come from a passive design. Offering both tube and solid-state signal paths, the FeQ-50's four simultaneous outputs give you flexibility in signal routing and mixing possibilities that will positively stir your creative urges. From subtle sculpting to wholesale radical transformation, the entire audible frequency spectrum is under your command.

The convenient half-rack size, sturdy metal chassis makes it easy to add multiple units to your system, for independent channel processing or stereo mastering and mixing. Like all Summit Audio gear, the FeQ-50 is meticulously hand-crafted with the best quality components and obsessive attention to detail. The construction will stand up to the demands of the road as well as the audio quality stands up to the demands of the studio. Add a little audio magic to your system with an EQ you'll keep using for years.
  • Height: 1.75 inches (4.44 cm)
  • Width: 8.5 inches (21.59 cm)
  • Depth: 8.5 inches (21.59 cm)
  • Weight:5 pounds (2.77 kg)
  • Power Configuration: Internal AC supply 15 watts, 115v 60Hz (USA model)
  • Fuse size .5 amp, slo-blo
  • Selectable Low Band Frequencies: Boost or cut up to ±14dB at 33Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 270Hz, or 410Hz.
  • Selectable Mid Band Frequencies: 390hz, 470Hz, 560Hz, 680Hz, 820Hz, or 1kHz with wide/narrow Q selectable
  • Selectable High-Mid Band Frequencies: 1.2kHz, 1.5kHz, 2.2kHz, 3.3kHz, 4.7kHz and 5.6kHz with wide/narrow Q selectable
  • Selectable High-Frequency Cut Frequencies: set for either a peak or shelving response and can boost or cut up to ±14dB at 5kHz, 7.2kHz, 8.2kHz, 10kHz,12.5kHz, or 18kHz
  • Connections:
  • Line Input: +4 dB XLR Balanced and -10 dB 1/4" unbalanced
  • Solid State Outputs: +4 dB male XLR and 1/4" -10 dB balanced
  • Tube Outputs: +4 dB male XLR and 1/4" -10 dB balanced
  • Max input level: +20 dBu
  • Max output level (XLR): +20dBu
  • Max gain: +/-14dB per band
  • Operating Measurements
  • Frequency response: Tube: 12Hz-100kHz ˆ’1dB, Solid State: 12Hz-100kHz -1dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: Tube: 122dB, Solid State: 124dB
  • THD + Noise: Tube: 0.16% +4dB in 20Hz-20kHz, Solid State: 0.07% +4dB in 20Hz-20kHz
  • Tube complement: single 12AX7A


  • 4-Band fully-parametric passive EQ
  • Internal power supply
  • 4 Simultaneous outs - 2 each for tube and solid-state outs
  • Balanced input and output
  • 3-Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Hand-crafted in the USA