Item #1574262 Model #202mkVII

TASCAM 202MKVII Double Cassette Deck With USB Port Standard

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A tape deck that's retro modern and built to last.

The TASCAM 202mkVII double cassette deck has retro-modern style and is built to last. Building on TASCAM's long history of providing professional quality cassette decks, the TASCAM 202mkVII dual cassette deck is ideal for professional studios, houses of worship, audio/music enthusiasts and more. And to bridge the gap bewteen the analog and digital worlds, the 202mkVII adds USB conversion for easy digital archiving of your favorite tapes.


  • Dual cassette deck for playing, dubbing or recording 1 or 2 cassettes
  • USB output for archiving a cassette to an external digital recorder
  • Microphone input with level control can be mixed with cassette 1 and total mix recorded to cassette 2; convenient for karaoke and announcements
  • Headphone jack output with separate level control for audio verification or private monitoring
  • "SPECIAL" playback mode that allows you to cue the next song on a tape by monitoring the sound with headphones while another tape is playing
  • RCA analog unbalanced outputs; stereo RCA input