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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Guitar Pedal Standard

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A noise gate that kills your amp's buzz, not your tone.

The TC Electronic Sentry offers discerning guitarists superior noise reduction with its advanced multiband technology. Utilizing the acclaimed System 6000 studio algorithms, the Sentry noise gate pedal delivers studio-quality noise reduction optimized for guitar. With the Sentry's highly intuitive interface, you'll dial in the ideal gate settings to eliminate unwanted hum and noise from your signal quickly and easily.

Squash Noise With Hard Gate or Multiband Modes

The Sentry noise gate provides two distinct gating modes to match your needs. Hard gate mode offers an aggressive noise cutoff for dramatic transitions from full volume to complete silence. Let your epic riff emerge with force from the stillness for maximum impact. Multiband mode is perfect for transparent, natural-sounding noise reduction. The advanced algorithm isolates and removes specific frequencies, retaining your core guitar tone without compromising dynamics.

Use Send/Return Jacks for Creative Sidechaining

The Sentry's send/return jacks allow for creative sound shaping possibilities. Sidechain noisy pedals or amps to isolate them from your main signal path. This prevents unwanted noise while maintaining their unique tonal qualities. You can also use the send/return for rhythmic sidechaining effects in sync with your playing. Whether you want transparent noise reduction or creative sound design, the Sentry delivers.

Customize Your Sound With TonePrint

TC Electronic's TonePrint Editor software lets you fine tune the Sentry's parameters for your exact needs. Sculpt the perfect gate to interact seamlessly with your rig. Or access TonePrints created by top guitarists for their preferred gate settings. With TonePrint, the Sentry becomes an integral part of your signature tone.


  • State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate
  • Hard-Gate mode for instant noise removal
  • TonePrint - for a world of signature and customizable effects
  • Send/Return Loop
  • True Bypass
  • Compact design
  • 9V/100mA
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready construction