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TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive Effects Pedal Standard

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Get sweet, tube-style overdrive right from your pedalboard.

The TC Electronic Tube Pilot brings the dynamic touch sensitivity of vintage tube amp overdrive to your pedalboard. Powered by a 12AX7 vacuum tube, the Tube Pilot overdrive pedal delivers incredibly warm, organic tube saturation in a rugged, stage-ready stompbox. With the Tube Pilot's Tube Drive and Output Level knobs, you can shape every nuance of your overdrive tone. Crank up the Tube Drive for full-throated tube growl and natural compression or dial it back for just a hint of tube color. The Output knob lets you boost or attenuate your overall volume to perfectly integrate the Tube Pilot into your existing pedal chain.

Responsive Tube Dynamics With a 12AX7

The Tube Pilot is equipped with a 12AX7 vacuum tube, the same tube used in iconic vintage amps prized for their touch-sensitive overdrive. As you dig into the strings, the 12AX7 adds sweet, singing sustain and harmonic complexity, reacting to your playing dynamics. The more aggressive you play, the more natural tube compression kicks in, adding vocal-like midrange richness. Clean up your attack and the Tube Pilot smoothly cleans up as well. With a 12AX7 at its heart, the Tube Pilot gives your tone organic tube responsiveness.

Shape Your Sound With Tube Drive and Output Knobs

Tailor your overdrive tone with the Tube Pilot's simple but powerful controls. The Tube Drive knob lets you dial in the amount of tube overdrive, from subtle enhancement to full-on tube scream. With the Output knob, boost or cut the Tube Pilot's overall output level to perfectly integrate it into your rig. For lead boosts, turn Output up for more volume. For always-on tone enhancement, keep Output lower for unity gain through the pedal. Find your sweet spot for tube warmth and edge.

True Bypass and Analog Design

The Tube Pilot features a true bypass design that maintains the integrity of your guitar tone when the pedal is off. The Tube Pilot's all-analog overdrive circuit preserves your guitar's natural dynamics and frequency response. Pour on the tube tone without degrading or coloring your dry tone.


  • 12AX7-equipped real tube overdrive pedal
  • Warm and expressive sound with incredible dynamics
  • Ranges from full-bodied blues to distorted classic rock and smooth modern lead tones
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis