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Tom Crown Bb Trumpet Straight Mute Standard


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Bright, balanced tone in an innovative design.

The Tom Crown Bb Trumpet Straight Mute offers players an all-aluminum mute that produces a classic straight mute tone with extra brightness. Its bell-shaped contour is tailored to match your trumpet's acoustics, ensuring the best fit and resonance. The result is a wide dynamic range, accurate intonation and an open feel that won't inhibit your playing.

All-Aluminum Construction Brightens Your Sound
The Tom Crown Bb Trumpet Straight Mute is crafted entirely from aluminum, which gives your trumpet a brighter edge to its tone compared to other materials. The aluminum helps project your sound while dampening it, creating a balanced tone that cuts through other instruments. Its innovative design opens up a wider range of expressiveness no matter the volume or register you play in.

Perfect Fit For Optimal Resonance
The bell-shaped contour of this mute is tailored to match the acoustics of your Bb trumpet. Its precise fit helps produce the resonance and open feel trumpet players seek in a high-quality mute. You'll notice the difference in how freely your instrument can vibrate to create a dynamic, nuanced sound with this mute compared to a mismatched or poorly-designed one.

Wide Range and Accurate Pitch
Don't settle for a mute that inhibits your playing or forces you out of tune. The Tom Crown Bb Trumpet Straight Mute offers a wide dynamic range so you can express yourself at any volume. Its accurate intonation also keeps your trumpet in tune as you play, allowing for seamless transitions between open and muted. Play with confidence knowing this mute will capture the full capabilities of your instrument.

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