Item #1538339 Model #STP-203N/450

Tuba Exchange St. Petersburg 203N BBb Tuba Nickel

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A versatile and robust BBb tuba for all styles of playing.

The St. Petersburg 203N BBb tuba offers musicians a powerful yet nuanced instrument for ensemble or solo work. Its large bore and resonance-enhancing valve section provide a wealth of expressive tones, from a bold fortissimo to a velvety pianissimo. An adjustable bell and integrated vibration mounts allow you to customize the fit and feel, reducing fatigue over long practice or performance sessions.
Resonance and Range Through an Innovative Valve Design
The 203N features five valves constructed of durable stainless steel and seated in a manner that optimizes airflow and resonance. The resulting tone is rich, vibrant and consistent across all registers of the instrument. The three front-action valves have a light response, while the two thumb-activated valves on the side of the bell section provide a broader range of pitch possibilities for the advanced musician. Overall, this innovative valving provides seamless transitions between notes and an extended range of up to six octaves.

Ergonomic and Adjustable for Maximum Comfort
In addition to producing a resonant tone, the 203N BBb tuba aims to maximize playing comfort. Its bell is fully adjustable through a sturdy brace system, allowing you to direct the sound as needed in different performance environments. Integrated vibration absorbers mounted under the valve section help prevent excess resonance from transferring to the player. These design elements, combined with well-placed carrying handles, make the 203N a pleasure to play for extended periods.

Durably Constructed of High-Quality Materials
St. Petersburg crafted the 203N BBb tuba from select, premium materials to ensure longevity and consistent performance over many years of use. The bell section features red brass for optimal resonance, while the valves and tubing consist of durable nickel silver. Metal trim pieces provide reinforcement and an attractive finish. With proper care and maintenance, the 203N will provide a lifetime of robust, expressive sound.

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