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TWA Hot Sake Overdrive/Distortion Effects Pedal Standard


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Easily goes from clean to dirty and from high to low.

Brewed to perfection, TWA Hot Sake will torch your taste buds and impart an intense body-buzz of tonal intoxication. TWA has harvested a selection of the finest vintage Japanese Distortion pedals and blended them with a batch of premium modern ingredients to create Hot Sake's unique, full-bodied bouquet.

Boiling over the divide between distortion and overdrive, Hot Sake packs a powerful punch, yet finishes clean and crisp. A classic Low-Boost/Hi-Boost Tone control lays down Hot Sake'’s overall sonic palette, while a dedicated Mids knob allows for precise sculpting of the pedal’s tonal flavor.

The dedicated Low Boost switch with selectable frequency center adds an incredible kick that turns Hot Sake into a sake bomb, creating super thick, yet articulate, chest-thumping modern crunch. Imagine tones ranging from smooth, 808-style drives with no mid-hump to chunky, Muff-like fuzz with dynamics and clarity, and you’ll have an inkling of just what this little black box can do.

Hot Sake's 180-proof Level control provides an unprecedented degree of boost that can burn through the loudest of bands. Crank it up to elicit scorching harmonic feedback even at room-level amp volumes.The perfectly tuned Drive control offers up distinctly amp-like tones, covering a broad spectrum of saturated sounds from slight tube break-up to complete amp break-down.

Incredibly dynamic, rolling back your guitar’s volume will adjust Hot Sake's temperature to taste, covering every flavor of dirt, from B.B. King smoothness to Sonic Youth sludge. All this muscle is kept tight and quiet by an audiophile-quality TLO72 op-amp that retains note clarity and definition at any control setting.

If other drives have left you thirsting for more, pour yourself a cup of Hot Sake and let the good times rock and roll.


Control Descriptions
  • DRIVE – Controls the amount of gain/drive/distortion. Turn clockwise for more saturation.
  • LEVEL – Controls output volume when the pedal is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase volume.
  • TONE – A classic Low Boost/Hi Boost tone control. Turn CCW for more Lows, turn CW for more Highs.
  • MIDS – Variable midrange boost acts independently of the TONE control. Turn clockwise for more midrange boost.
  • LB SWITCH – Switches between standard setting and setting with increased low-end response. Set switch to "UP" position for low-boost.
  • L1/L2 SWITCH – Selects between two different filter caps for Low Boost circuit. The difference is subtle, but allows fine-tuning of the LB circuit to match your rig & tonal tastes.