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TWA WX-01 Wahxidizer Envelope-Controlled Octave/Fuzz/Filter/Wah Effects Pedal Rusty Copper


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All-in-one sound-melting stompbox inspired by the Univox Super Fuzz.

The TWA WX-01 Wahxidizer effects pedal is an octave/fuzz/filter/wah machine for no limits on what your sound can do. Inspired by the vintage Univox Super Fuzz, the Wahxidizer captures the iconic tones of that legendary monster—replicating its crunch octave-fuzz tones with pinpoint accuracy—while simultaneously reinventing its user interface and control capabilities. The Fat/Scoop, global EQ switch from the Super Fuzz has been moved to a footswitch, allowing you to access two completely different fuzz tones on the fly. For additional tone tweaking, a Parametric EQ circuit has been added to the Wahxidizer to allow for everything from precision fine-tuning to dramatic decomposition of the pedal’s EQ curve. Plus, the EQ’s center frequency can be swept three different ways—manually, by playing dynamics, or by an external expression pedal—effectively adding an envelope-controlled filter to the Fuzz, or turning the pedal into a fuzz/wah/octave, depending on your control method of choice. From caustic guitar notes to crushing bass rhythms, the Wahxidizer will catalyze your tone into an expressive, corrosive beast.