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Two Notes AUDIO ENGINEERING Opus Amp Sim and DynIR Engine Effects Pedal Black


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Unparalleled tube amp modeling and cabinet emulation for the discerning guitarist.

The OPUS delivers the tone-shaping power and connectivity that today's musicians demand. With four separate tube amp models and DynIR cabinet emulation, you can achieve pristine cleans, articulate crunch and saturated overdrive with ease. The OPUS was designed to be the beating heart of your rig or a secret weapon in any recording session.

A Universe of Tonal Possibilities with Four Tube Models

The OPUS gives you access to four different tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88) in either PushPull/AB or Single-Ended A class configurations. Sculpt your tone by selecting different tube types, circuit classes and gain stages. With the OPUS, you have a universe of tube tones at your fingertips.

Best-in-Class Cabinet Emulation with DynIR

The OPUS features groundbreaking DynIR cabinet emulation, providing 160,000 studio-grade IR files and dual mic positioning for unmatched realism. Load up to 32 must-have cabinet captures, including models from artists like Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn and Phil X. The DynIR engine conquers the line between digital modeling and authentic tube tone, giving you the flexibility of direct recording with the feel of playing through a real cabinet.

Maximum Connectivity for Any Setup

With comprehensive I/O including XLR DI, MIDI, headphones and Aux in, the OPUS integrates seamlessly into any rig or recording setup. Place it between your amp and cabinet to utilize DynIR emulation. Use it as a "go-anywhere" fly rig with your pedalboard. Push your tube amp to sweet saturation by routing it through a reactive load box. The possibilities are endless with the OPUS.

Instant Tone Shaping with 99 Presets

The OPUS comes loaded with 99 preset locations, including 40+ artist presets from acclaimed guitarists. Select a preset to instantly transform your tone, then tweak to your liking using the intuitive interface. The OPUS gives you a professional-grade suite of effects to craft your signature sound, including enhancer, noise gate, 3-band EQ and 12 reverb models.


  • The ultimate pedal platform Amp Sim and DynIR Engine powered by Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM) technology
  • 5 pristine TSM Preamp emulations; 10 total slots for future Preamp models via free Firmware updates
  • Exquisite TSM Poweramp simulation with 4 tube amp models
  • On-board DynIR Engine for class-leading cabinet simulation with dual-miking facilities
  • Pro-grade suite of essential DSP-powered processors and effects
  • Pre-loaded with the OPUS-Series DynIR Cabinet Collection featuring 32 Cabinets
  • 99 preset locations and an exclusive collection of 40+ artist-series presets
  • Wireless and USB integration with Torpedo Remote (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows)
  • MIDI input for seamless assimilation into existing set-ups; MIDI breakout cable included
  • Dual Static IR Loader and Acoustic DI with 40+ premier Acoustic Impulse Responses included
  • USB-C connectivity for future-proofed rapid data transfer
  • Compact ultra-portable footprint and rugged, road-ready metal chassis
  • TSM Preamp Emulation furnishes players with a suite of pro-grade Preamps
  • Foundry - the epitome of a classic Cali clean, brimming with warm saturation
  • Peggy - the perfect blend of classic '60s bass sonics with expertly-tuned tweak-ability to sit tone in any pocket
  • Albion - a secret weapon when diving head-first into Classic- and Hard-Rock territory
  • Foxy - with airy highs, impeccable breakup and sublime mid-range bite when pushing the gain
  • NiftyFifty - covering everything from a warm full-throttle onslaught to a searing lead tone that cuts through any mix