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VOX AmPlug 3 US Silver Guitar Headphone Amp Standard


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Practice and play guitar anywhere with rich, inspiring tube tones.

The VOX AmPlug 3 US Silver headphone guitar amp brings the soulful sound of classic American tube amps to your practice sessions, wherever you go. With its analog circuitry modeled after U.S. combo amps, the AmPlug 3 US Silver produces smooth, warm cleans and rich overdrive. Stereo effects like delay and reverb create an immersive soundscape for practicing unplugged. Rhythm patterns let you jam along to the beat, expanding your practice potential. The AmPlug 3 US Silver features an AUX input so you can plug into your smartphone to record ideas. With its streamlined design and headphone output, this portable amp provides big tube tone that you can take anywhere your creativity leads.

Practice Privately With Rich, Inspiring Tube Tone

Thanks to meticulously crafted analog circuitry, the AmPlug 3 US Silver headphone amp authentically recreates the highly responsive feel and dynamic sound of classic American tube combo amps. The clean channel produces warm, shimmering cleans, while the overdrive channel provides touch-sensitive crunch and singing sustain. This lets you practice unplugged with tone that inspires. The AmPlug 3 US Silver's headphone output lets you play as loud as you want without disturbing others so you can deeply immerse yourself in practicing at home, backstage or on the go.

Spacious, Vibrant Sound With Stereo Effects

The AmPlug 3 US Silver takes your guitar tone into vibrant new dimensions with its stereo effects. The onboard delay effect ranges from crisp and rhythmic to ambient drones. With the stereo reverb, you can surround yourself with the ambience of a large hall or the intimacy of a tiny club. Effects like chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo provide further options for texture and movement. Whether you're working out the details of a composition or just want to experience your guitar tone in a fresh way, the AmPlug 3 US Silver's stereo effects add new life to your practice sessions.

Jam Along With Rhythm Patterns for Expanded Practicing

Equipped with a variety of grooving rhythm patterns, the AmPlug 3 US Silver enhances your practicing potential. Lay down a driving rock beat or relaxed reggae groove to solo over. Follow along with rhythmic strumming accompaniments in styles like pop, funk and blues. With nine different rhythm options, you can pace yourself, experiment with timing and build your rhythmic chops. Jamming with built-in rhythms makes practicing more fun and helps take your playing skills to the next level.

Record Straight to Your Smartphone

When inspiration strikes, the AmPlug 3 US Silver lets you record it right away. Just connect your smartphone to the aux input using the included cable. You can capture song ideas and record anywhere without extra gear. The AmPlug 3 US Silver makes it easy to save your spontaneous musical moments so you can revisit them later.

Input/Output Terminals
  • Phones jack (3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack)
  • AUX jack (CTIA-compliant 3.5 mm TRRS mini phone jack)
Power Source
  • Two AAA dry cell batteries or two AAA nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries
Battery Life
  • 10/16 hours (alkaline batteries, FX or RHYTHM on/off)
  • 3/5 hours (manganese batteries, FX or RHYTHM on/off)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 87 x 33 x 39 mm (plug retracted)
  • 40 g (excluding batteries)


  • All-analog circuitry accurately reproduces the tone and feel of classic tube amps
  • Updated stereo effects for an expansive sound through headphones or recording
  • Built-in rhythm function with 9 patterns for practice
  • AUX input for playing along with smartphone music
  • Clean and warm clean tone on Channel 1, smooth soft drive on Channel 2
  • Rechargeable or disposable battery power for 10-16 hours of playing time
  • Lightweight, portable design lets you practice anywhere
  • Compatible with most headphones and earbuds