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Vox V846 Original Wah Effects Pedal Black


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Vintage wah tone and retro vibe in one pedal.

The VOX V846 original wah effects pedal authentically recreates the legendary wah pedals that shaped the sound of '60s and '70s rock. This pedal revives the iconic tone and appearance of the originals in meticulous detail. With a wider sweep range and more noticeable bite in the high frequencies compared to other wah pedals, the V846 delivers that vintage wah sound guitarists crave.

Authentic '60s Wah Tone With Custom Components

The V846 wah pedal captures the highly sought-after vintage wah tone thanks to custom-made variable resistors, inductors and hand-selected capacitors. These premium components work together to reproduce the rich harmonic overtones and vocal-like tones that made those original wah pedals so iconic. The wider frequency sweep range gives you expressive control over the wah effect, with a crisp, bright bite on the high end that cuts through the mix.

Precision Replica of Original Chassis Size and Feel

This pedal doesn't just sound vintage, it looks and feels vintage too. Using advanced 3D scanning technology, VOX precisely replicated the chassis size, dimensions and textures of the earliest wah pedals. From the vintage-styled knobs to the durable metal casing, every detail is authentically recreated. The V846 gives you that cool, retro vibe and premium feel of a pedal straight from the '60s.

Built to Last

The VOX V846 wah pedal is constructed from sturdy metal to withstand night after night of gigging. It runs on standard 9V batteries for portability and convenience. For guitarists who want classic wah tones without hunting down rare vintage gear, the V846 original wah effects pedal makes it easy to get those iconic sounds in a pedal built to perform.

  • 1 x Normal Input Jack
  • 1 x Line Out Jack (to amplifier)
  • 1 x 9V Battery
Battery Life
  • Approximately 100 hours (will vary depending on conditions)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 102 x 253 x 80 mm/4.02" x 9.96" x 3.15"
  • 1.3 kg/2.86 lb. (not including battery)


  • Faithfully recreates the iconic wah-wah tone of the 1960s VOX V846 pedal using custom-made components
  • Wide sweep range and noticeable high-frequency bite compared to the VOX VRM-1
  • Hand-selected capacitors and variable resistors for an authentic vintage sound
  • 3D scans precisely replicate the original pedal's look and feel
  • High-quality carry bag included
  • Approximately 100 hours of battery life using two 9V batteries (not included)
  • Mono input and output jacks