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Walrus Audio Eons Onyx Five-State Fuzz Effects Pedal Black


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Five selectable modes to satisfy players of all styles.

The Eons fuzz pedal from Walrus Audio unleashes a menagerie of fuzz tones to satisfy players of all styles. With five distinct fuzz modes and an adjustable voltage control, you can achieve sounds from gated and splatty to hugely saturated. The Eons is ready to deliver classic rock fuzz, punk aggression or completely uncharted sonic territory.

Five Fuzz Modes Provide a Range of Vintage to Modern Tones

The Eons features five selectable fuzz modes that offer a variety of clipping options. Mode I provides a rounded, compressed silicon fuzz perfect for classic rock. Mode II boosts the low end for a crunchy, bass-heavy fuzz. Mode III combines germanium and silicon clipping for a dynamic fuzz with distortion-like grit. Mode IV utilizes LED clipping diodes for a dark, compressed fuzz. Mode V is the most extreme, combining silicon transistors, silicon diodes and LED diodes for a loud, angry fuzz with massive gain.

Voltage Control Allows You to Starve or Crank the Circuit

The Eons allows you to adjust the voltage sent to the pedal's circuit from 3 to 18 volts using the Voltage knob. At lower voltages, the circuit is starved, resulting in gated fuzz tones. As you increase the voltage, the fuzz opens up and becomes more saturated. Maxing out the Voltage knob will unleash the fullest, most distorted tones the Eons has to offer. This unique control provides a range of fuzz sounds unparalleled in other fuzz pedals.

High-Quality Components and Design

The Eons features a sturdy aluminum enclosure with original artwork from Adam Forster depicting a four-horned Markhor goat. Inside, high-quality components like germanium and silicon transistors, LEDs and clipping diodes have been carefully selected to provide the widest range of fuzz tones. The Eons will pair well with your favorite tube amp, providing fuzz sounds worthy of its mythical namesake.