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Walrus Audio Fable Granular Soundscape Generator Effects Pedal Black

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A granular effects pedal that opens a portal into lush, layered soundscapes and experimental ambient textures.

The Fable Granular Soundscape Generator from Walrus Audio opens up a world of ambient textures and experimental sounds. This innovative pedal generates rich soundscapes using five unique granular delay programs centered around sample and chop algorithms. With its dual feedback path developed by Walrus Audio's DSP engineers, your signal runs through two separate effects in series, controlled by the Feedback and Regen knobs. The signals then run back through both DSP chips again before the output, resulting in complex effects.

Five Curated Granular Programs for Inspiration

The Fable comes loaded with five granular delay programs to get you started. Program 1 runs a reverse delay into a reverse granular algorithm for a complex, organically shifting soundscape. Turn the grain size down for long, smooth reversed transients or up for stuttering reverse glitch madness. Program 2 combines a forward delay and an octave-up granular program, building bright, airy cascades of double-speed grains. Program 3 pairs a warm analog-style delay with an octave-down granular program for deep, thunderous footfalls and thick, murky ambience. Program 4 stacks two multi-tap granular algorithms, playing back multiple samples simultaneously to create glitchy clouds and unique reverb. Program 5 runs a forward delay into a randomized pitch granular program, changing pitch and playback direction with each new grain for a controlled chaos.

Intuitive Controls for Sonic Manipulation

Despite the complexity going on under the hood, the Fable keeps things intuitive with just a few thoughtfully designed controls. The Feedback and Regen knobs independently control the two DSP chips, allowing you to balance the signals to your liking. The Mix knob blends in your direct signal for parallel processing. The X knob selects between the five programs, while the Time knob stretches or compresses the samples on Programs 4 and 5. The Grain Size knob adjusts the sample length on Programs 1 through 3. With a little experimentation, you'll be crafting custom soundscapes in no time.

Manipulate Grains for Customized Effects

With the Fable, you can adjust the grains by changing their sampling length, position and buffer size. Play them at double or half speed for pitch shifting and time stretching, in reverse, from multiple positions and more. It's a powerful but complex technique so Walrus Audio created five streamlined programs to explore its range.

LEDs Indicate Your Settings

The Fable features LED indicators for the feedback level, regeneration level and program selection so you can see your settings at a glance. With the Feedback and Regen knobs, you can control the levels of the dual feedback paths for rich, layered effects.

A Portal Into New Creative Territory

The Walrus Audio Fable Granular Soundscape Generator opens up a world of ambient, layered textures and experimental sounds for guitarists and other instrumentalists looking to explore new sonic territory. With five unique granular delay programs and a dual feedback path, the Fable gives you a portal into lush soundscapes. Start your adventure through new dimensions of delay today.


  • Five granular delay programs create evolving soundscapes
  • Dual DSP chips run two series effects and feedback paths
  • Reverse delay into reverse granular builds shifting ambience
  • Forward delay into randomized pitch granular varies grain speed and direction