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Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-Function Reverb Effects Pedal Onyx Edition Black


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Built to inspire.

With its simple yet thoughtful layout, the Fathom Reverb Pedal from Walrus Audio offers an inspiring set of ambient tools for guitarists. Whether you're looking to add subtle depth or craft dramatic, modulated soundscapes, the Fathom provides a sculpted reverb experience.

For guitarists seeking a lush, modulated reverb, the Fathom delivers an inspiring spatial experience. With four unique algorithms, momentary and sustain functions and trails mode, the Fathom provides dynamic control over your reverb. Plug into the Fathom reverb pedal and get lost in the sound.

Four Algorithms for a Range of Reverb Styles

The Fathom provides four reverb algorithms: Hall, Plate, Lo-fi and Sonar. The Hall reverb is open and expansive with a natural-sounding decay. The Plate reverb produces a smooth, diffused tone. The Lo-fi reverb has a filtered, retro tone that ranges from warm to a thin, AM radio-like sound. The Sonar reverb layers an octave-up and octave-down signal with the dry signal for a unique shimmering effect. Blend the octaves using the X knob.

Dynamic Control with Momentary and Sustain Functions

When the pedal is off, press and hold the bypass switch to temporarily activate the reverb. Release to turn it off again. This momentary function lets you add quick bursts of reverb for expressive playing. Press and hold the sustain switch while the pedal is on to extend the reverb decay, creating an ambient fade out.

Trails Mode for a Seamless Transition

The Fathom features a trails mode to allow the reverb to continue after you switch the pedal off. To activate or deactivate trails mode, unplug the pedal and hold down the bypass switch for two seconds while plugging it back in. Trails mode provides a smooth transition when switching between the Fathom and other effects in your signal chain.