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Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato V2 Effects Pedal - Onyx Edition Black


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Sculpt your tone with endless modulation possibilities.

The Julia is an all-analog chorus and vibrato pedal packed with a multitude of lush, nuanced sounds. Its intuitive controls give you the flexibility to dial in everything from subtle movement to extreme warble. The Julia features a fully analog signal path with controls for Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato blend and selectable LFO wave shapes to explore classic modulation as well as unique, unheard-of tones.

Lag Control Provides Endless Tonal Possibilities

A standout feature of the Julia is the Lag control, which allows you to set the center delay time that the LFO modulates from. At lower settings, you'll get tight, smooth modulation. Crank the Lag knob to maximum for seasick pitch detuning. The Lag knob unlocks chorusing and vibratos you've never heard before.

Blend Between Chorus and Vibrato with the D-C-V Knob

While most pedals offer a toggle switch between chorus and vibrato, the Julia features a knob to seamlessly blend between dry, chorus and vibrato signals. At minimum, your tone will be unaffected. At noon, you'll get an equal blend of dry and wet signals for a traditional chorus sound. Maximize the knob for 100% wet vibrato. Explore the range between dry and chorus for subtle movement and between chorus and vibrato for unheard-of modulated tones.

Selectable LFO Waveforms Shape Your Sound

The Julia offers a choice of sine, triangle or square LFO waveforms to modulate your signal. The sine wave produces smooth, flowing modulation. The triangle wave provides a more abrupt, pulsing effect. The square wave results in an on/off stuttering chorus/vibrato. Between the different wave shapes and the D-C-V knob, the tonal options are nearly endless.