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Walrus Audio Luminary Quad Octave Generator V2 Effects Pedal Standard


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Experience the brilliance of this wild, versatile quad octave pedal.

The Walrus Audio Luminary V2 is a powerful polyphonic quad octave generator with features for creating inspiring symphonic gusts of sound. Operating on the Analog Devices Sharc platform, the Luminary gives you the ability to dial in any combination of four separate octaves, including -2, -1, +1, and +2. The user can craft many different complex sounds and textures with crystal-clear and immediate octave tracking.

The Luminary has three onboard presets available for saving your go-to sounds, as a well as live mode. This means the user can have up to four custom sounds available at any moment. Get epic steel sounds with the modulation control unengaged. You’ll find more experimental options with the filter control or a swirling chorus with the tremolo control. Couple the Luminary with an expression pedal to expand its creativity even more.

Four octave options available -2, -1, +1, +2 – The four knobs across the top of the pedal control the level of each octave. With the Dry/Wet control, the user can explore the ground between minimum and 12 o’clock to keep the octave signal lower than your dry signal for subtleness. The territory between 12 o’clock and maximum keeps the user’s dry signal lower than unity for a boastful octave sound.

Additions and changes between the original Luminary and the second iteration include:
- Refined octave volume knobs
- Longer attack time
- Revised envelope lowpass filter knob
- Flutter knob effect changed to tremolo
- Added Smart Momentary Bypassing
  • Power requirements: 9V DC (250mA minimum)
  • Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.547"
  • Power supply sold separately