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Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo Orange


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Shape your tone with flexible stereo tremolo effects.

The Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo effects pedal delivers a wide range of vintage and modern tremolo sounds. Built for serious guitarists and bassists, this pedal lets you craft pulsating modulation from smooth peaks to jagged valleys with stereo panning, saving three customizable presets. Experience the warm, chewy tremolo of a vintage amp or forge your own signature sound.

Stereo Spread and Phase Control

The Monumental's pan knob lets you sweep the tremolo effect from left to right. At minimum, the standard tremolo sound affects both channels equally. As you turn the knob clockwise, the phase of the right channel's LFO offsets, creating a broad stereo spread. Fully clockwise, the right channel's LFO is 180 degrees out of phase for the widest stereo image. This expansive tremolo opens new dimensions for your tone.

Blend Standard and Harmonic Tremolo

The Monumental's S-B-H knob blends between standard tremolo, where all frequencies rise and fall together and harmonic tremolo, where high and low frequencies modulate opposite each other. Standard tremolo produces familiar vintage amp-like pulses. Harmonic tremolo generates a warm, chewy throb as high and low frequencies take turns cutting in and out. Blending the modes creates rhythmic complexity ideal for psychedelic and shoegaze styles.

Save and Recall Presets

Three onboard presets let you save your favorite Monumental settings for instant recall. Press both footswitches to cycle through presets red, green and blue. The live mode always reverts to the pedal's current knob positions. When editing a preset, the bypass LED turns purple. Turn controls to your desired settings, then hold both footswitches to save. The LED returns to the preset color, indicating your custom tremolo tone is now stored and ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Shape Your Waveform and Tap Tempo

With the Monumental Tremolo's tap tempo footswitch, you can match the tremolo rate to the tempo of your music. Choose from sine, square or ramp waveforms to tailor the tremolo shape to your needs. The tap division control provides access to triplet and dotted eighth note subdivisions for alternative rhythmic feels.

Shape your tremolo in stereo with the Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo. From pulsating vintage throb to washes of psychedelic stereo swirl, this pedal puts professional tremolo tools at your feet. Visit your local Guitar Center store to experience the Monumental's lush tremolo tones for yourself.

  • 1.7Vpp of headroom (Use 12V Supply for 2.6Vpp of Headroom) - before the signal will start to distort.
  • Input Impedance: ~1M
  • Output Impedance: ~300Ohm
  • Stereo Unbalanced 1/4" Input (TS), Stereo Unbalanced 1/4" Output (TS)
  • Noise Level: -102.5dBu
  • THD %: 0.072% -20dBu @ 1kHz
  • True-Bypass
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-20kHz
  • 9VDC-12VDC, 100mA, Center Negative