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Wampler Ego 76 Compressor Effects Pedal Blue Sparkle


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A boutique stompbox that brings iconic 1176 compression to your pedalboard.

The Wampler Ego 76 Compressor pedal delivers iconic studio tone shaping in a pedalboard-friendly format. Built as a tribute to the legendary 1176 Peak Limiter, this compressor enhances your tone rather than squashing it. With studio-grade Attack, Release and Tone controls, plus a Parallel Clean Blend, the Ego 76 gives you complete command over compression and dynamics. Whether you want transparent leveling or pushed, "enhanced" tone, this pedal has the versatility and quality to handle it all.

Iconic FET Circuitry and Studio-Inspired Design

The Ego 76 is fueled by field-effect transistor technology, just like the 1176 that inspired it. This solid-state circuitry is responsible for the fast, musical compression and enhanced tone that made the 1176 a studio legend. Wampler translated this into a pedal format with a rugged encasement and intuitive control layout. The Attack, Release, Tone and Compression controls offer a level of precision usually only found in high-end studio gear. With the Ego 76, you can shape dynamics and tone to perfection.

Parallel Compression for Natural Dynamics

A standout feature of the Ego 76 is its Parallel Clean Blend control. This allows you to blend in your uncompressed signal with the compressed tone, creating parallel compression. The result is a balanced tone with controlled peaks but natural dynamics. Use the Clean Blend to add subtle fullness and sustain or more dramatic "squish." Either way, your original tone remains intact thanks to the parallel signal path. This is a versatile tool for enhancing tone without sacrificing feel.

Tone Control for Tuned Brightness

No compressor is complete without a Tone control and Wampler gave the Ego 76 a meticulously tuned one. Derived from the 1176's signature sound, the Tone knob adds brightness in all the right places. Dial it in to capture the 1176's energy and clarity or back it off for a warmer compression. The Tone control works in tandem with the Compress and Clean Blend knobs to provide a balanced, musical tone that leaves no detail overlooked.

Plug In and Get Inspired

The Wampler Ego 76 Compressor pedal delivers a lifetime of iconic studio tones in a single pedal. From transparent leveling to pushed, "enhanced" sustain, this FET-fueled compressor has a setting for every musical need. With studio-grade controls, parallel compression and a tailored Tone circuit, the Ego 76 gives you creative freedom over dynamics and tone. Connect it to your pedalboard, amp or interface and get ready to be inspired.


  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • High-grade components selected for superior sound and response
  • Premium chameleon sapphire finish and aluminum controls
  • Six controls – Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Blend, Compress
  • Battery connection and 9V power jack
  • Top-mounted input and output jacks
  • Includes limited 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.6" x 1.5ʺ (64 mm x 120mm x 38mm) – height excludes knobs and
  • switches
  • Power draw: 20mA, 9V DC - Do not exceed 9V DC