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Warburton Size 3 Series Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Top in Silver 3M


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Professional quality mouthpiece top for the Warburton two-piece system.

The Warburton Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Tops are arranged in a progression from large to small in ascending numerical order. The Warburton Size 3 Silver Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Tops feature a .670" inner diameter and a 1.080" outside diameter. The Size 3 mouthpieces feature nine cup designs to offer the player the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation.The ESV, ES, S, SV or M cups are an excellent choice for the player looking for a studio lead trumpet sound. The S, SV or M cups work well for a piccolo trumpet sound. The M, MC or MD cups work well for a brass quintet sound. The MC, MD, D or XD cups are designed for an orchestral sound. Once the desired cup is found, it can be combined with a Warburton Trumpet Backbore (sold separately) to best balance the sound and resistance of the mouthpiece and allow the player to fine tune their sound.
Available cup styles: 3ES, 3MC, 3M, 3ESV, 3S, 3XD, 3MD, 3D, and 3SV


  • Approximately sized at .670" inner diameter and a 1.080" outside diameter
  • Nine different cup designs allow you to select the appropriate application