Item #0181642 Model #YFL-577HCT

Yamaha Professional 577H Series Flute Offset G C# trill key, split E, gizmo key


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Flute for the advanced intermediate player.

The Yamaha YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is an exquisite instrument for the accomplished flutist. Drawing inspiration from Yamaha's world-class handmade flutes, this luxurious flute derives a pure, colorful tone from its sterling silver headjoint, hand-assembled keys, and traditional pads. Boasting an offset G key system with French-style ring keys, the 577HCT has a delightful feel that responds to every nuance. Additionally, it's equipped with a split E mechanism, improving intonation in the upper register. Plus, this model adds a C# trill key for enhanced capabilities. Visually elegant and sonically sublime, the YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is a supreme showcase of Yamaha's peerless craftsmanship.

Sterling Silver Headjoint Produces a Warm, Resonant Tone
The 577HCT's hand-finished sterling silver headjoint helps produce the instrument's characteristic warm, focused tone. Silver is prized for its superior resonance and responsiveness, allowing advanced flutists to showcase their refined technique and musicality. The headjoint, along with the flute's silver-plated body and footjoint, provides a balanced tone across all registers.

Offset G and Added Mechanisms Expand Capabilities
This flute features an offset G key system, in which the G key is situated for natural hand position and smooth transitions between notes, while a split E mechanism provides stable intonation in the upper register. Additionally, the C# trill key enables rapid alternation between C# and D. These additions expand the advanced flutist's technical and expressive range. These design elements make the 577HCT remarkably responsive and agile.

Premium Appointments and Peerless Craftsmanship
From its hand-cut embouchure hole to its meticulously hand-assembled keys, the 577HCT exhibits the highest level of craftsmanship. It includes a durable case, cleaning rod, and 5-year warranty. This flute reflects Yamaha's commitment to producing the finest concert flutes in the world.


  • Hand-finished sterling silver headjoint
  • Silver-plated nickel silver body, footjoint & keys
  • Annealed headjoint, body & footjoint
  • French (open-hole) keys with pointed key arms
  • Offest G
  • C# Trill Key
  • B Footjoint
  • Includes case, case cover & cleaning rod
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Made in Japan