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Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tenor Trombone Standard


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Experience full, rich tone with the freedom to practice anywhere.

The Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tenor Trombone is a revolutionary practice tool designed for brass players of all levels. It includes the PM5X Practice Mute, STX-2 Personal Studio receiver, headphones, batteries and all necessary cables. The advanced PM5X Practice Mute reduces the volume of your playing to a whisper while the STX-2 Personal Studio receiver captures your sound and sends it to the headphones, allowing you to hear yourself with stunning realism as if you weren't using a mute at all.

Hear Your Natural Tone in Privacy
With the PM5X Practice Mute in place, your trombone will produce only a faint whisper of sound. Yet through the headphones you'll experience the full, rich tone you expect when playing freely. Yamaha's Brass Resonance Modeling technology recreates your natural sound for an incredibly realistic experience. Now you can practice day or night without disturbing others.

Lightweight and Portable for Practice Anywhere
The PM5X Practice Mute is Yamaha's most compact and lightweight trombone mute, designed to fit neatly inside your bell. This allows you to store your trombone fully assembled in its case, ready to play whenever inspiration strikes. Weighing only 1.6 pounds, the Silent Brass System is ideal for carrying in your instrument case or backpack so you can practice in places where playing freely isn't possible like busses, hotel rooms and backstage before a performance.

Jam with Your Favorite Songs
The STX-2 Personal Studio receiver features an auxiliary input that allows you to connect an audio player or other device and play along with your favorite recordings. You'll hear both your playing and the external audio through the headphones, which is perfect for practicing with "minus one" accompaniment tracks or just jamming with your favorite songs.

Premium Components for Superior Sound
From the high-definition headphones to the advanced Brass Resonance Modeling technology, every component in the Silent Brass System is engineered to provide the best possible experience. The over-ear headphones offer rich stereo sound and an exceptionally wide frequency response. Powered by two AA batteries, the STX-2 Personal Studio delivers clean, natural-sounding audio with minimal noise or distortion so you can focus on your playing.

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