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Yamaha YCL-CSVR Series Professional Bb Clarinet Standard


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Top-quality orchestral clarinet.

The Yamaha YCL-CSVR Custom Series Bb Clarinet is a professional level instrument ideal for clarinetists seeking premium tone and playability. Handcrafted from select grenadilla wood, the YCL-CSVR clarinet produces a warm, resonant tone across all registers. Its redesigned 65mm barrel and traditional bell optimize projection and focus. The Yamaha YCL-CSVR clarinet is a stunning example of craftsmanship.

Yamaha redesigned the YCL-CSVR clarinet's 65mm barrel and traditional bell to enhance projection and tone clarity. The barrel's precise dimensions help produce a rich, centered tone, while the scallop-free bell maximizes resonance. Together, these components generate a robust sound with gorgeous overtones, ideal for both solo and ensemble playing.

The YCL-CSVR clarinet body, barrel, and bell are fashioned from select grenadilla wood chosen for its tonal qualities. Grenadilla wood is prized for clarinets due to its hardness, grain structure, and ability to resonate sound. The wood chosen for the YCL-CSVR clarinet produces a warm, melodic tone with complex overtones.

The YCL-CSVR clarinet's silver-plated keys and rings are resistant to tarnish and corrosion. Silver plating gives the keys an attractive finish and helps prevent sticking. The clarinet's 17 keys and 6 rings are ergonomically designed and feature blue steel springs for quick, responsive action. Pads are high-quality leather for an airtight seal and longevity.

The YCL-CSVR clarinet comes with a lined Yamaha CLC-65 case for safe storage and transport. A hard rubber 4CM mouthpiece produces a focused tone, while the included ligature, mouthpiece cap, cleaning supplies, reed, and cork grease provide everything needed to play. An adjustable thumb rest with a neck strap ring allows for a custom, comfortable hand position.
  • Level: Custom
  • Key of: Bb (YCL-CSV/CSVN)
  • Fingering: Boehm
  • Key System: Key System
  • Barrel Length: 65 mm
  • Body Material: Grenadilla
  • Barrel Material: Grenadilla
  • Bell Material: Grenadilla with pressure-fitted solid nickel silver ring
  • Key Material: Nickel silver
  • Plating: Silver
  • Bore: Machined and polished
  • Toneholes: Tapered integral type with hand-tapered undercut
  • Thumb Rest: Adjustable with strap ring
  • Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4CM Ebonite
  • Mouthpiece Cap: Silver-plated
  • Ligature: Silver-plated
  • Spring Type: Blue steel needle
  • Pad Type: Lucien deluxe double skin
  • Posts: Threaded


  • Select grenadilla wood body, barrel and bell
  • Poly-cylindrical bore
  • Silver-plated keys and rings
  • Hand-tapered, undercut toneholes
  • 17 keys/6 rings
  • Ergonomically designed keys
  • Redesigned barrel and bell
  • Durable leather pads
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring
  • Blue steel springs
  • What's in the box:
    • Yamaha YCL-CSVR Bb Clarinet
    • Yamaha custom 4CM mouthpiece (Hard Rubber)
    • Metal ligature and mouthpiece cap
    • Yamaha custom clarinet case and case cover
    • Microfiber cleaning swab
    • Polishing cloth
    • Cork grease
    • Reed
    • Clarinet owner's manual