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Yamaha YEP-642II Neo Series Compensating Euphonium Lacquer


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A professional euphonium with a rich voice and accurate pitch.

The YEP-642II Neo Series Compensating Euphonium from Yamaha is designed for discerning euphonium players seeking a horn with power, projection and precise intonation. Its compensating tuning system utilizes an additional set of tubing for each valve that engages when the fourth valve is pressed, allowing low notes to sound with correct pitch without affecting the tuning of the mid and upper registers. The YEP-642II features a dual-bore design, with bores of .591" and .661", providing a responsive and open tone across the range of the instrument. Its large, two-piece yellow brass bell projects a warm, resonant tone that carries in any ensemble or venue. Hand-lapped valves and slides ensure an airtight seal for effortless playability and enhanced control.

Play Low Notes With Confidence
The compensating tuning system gives you the ability to play a fully chromatic low range, including low B, with accurate intonation. You can use standard fingerings for low notes instead of fingering a half step lower to compensate for an instrument's natural sharpness in the lower register. The compensating system engages automatically when the fourth valve is pressed, allowing you to focus on your playing rather than worrying about pitch.

A Responsive Tone Across the Range
The YEP-642II's dual-bore design, with bores of .591" and .661", provides a dynamic tone that is open and responsive throughout the range of the instrument. The larger bore in the lower register gives more space for the air column to vibrate, resulting in an unrestricted tone with plenty of depth. The narrower mid-range bore focuses the tone while still allowing it to resonate fully. This combination of bores gives the YEP-642II a balanced tone that projects clearly whether playing low, mid or high.

Hand-Lapped Valves and Slides for Fluid Playability
The time-consuming process of hand lapping each valve and slide individually ensures an absolute precision fit and seal. This results in effortless action, enhanced control and a responsive feel. The airtight seal also maximizes the resonance and projection of each note. The hand-lapped valves and slides, combined with the instrument's compensating system and dual-bore design, give the YEP-642II a fluid playability and rich tonal quality sought after by discerning euphonium players.

Additional Features
The YEP-642II includes a durable lacquered finish, monel pistons for corrosion resistance, an 11.8" upright yellow brass bell, nickel-silver outer valve caps and piping and a large shank mouthpiece receiver. It comes with a case and mouthpiece, providing everything needed to start playing right out of the box.

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