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Yamaha YFL-262Y Standard Flute Offset G C-Foot


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Better quality student flute.

The Yamaha YFL-262Y Standard Flute is an affordable yet high-quality flute perfect for beginners. This durable, nickel-plated flute features an offset G key configuration, open-hole rings, and a beginner-friendly embouchure hole for easy playability and an ideal amount of air resistance. Its hand assembled keys provide a comfortable feel for new players. The YFL-262Y produces a rich, resonant tone that will inspire young musicians. The Yamaha YFL-262Y Standard Flute is an ideal first flute for any budding flautist.

Ergonomic Design for Easy Playability

The YFL-262Y flute is designed with beginning musicians in mind. Its offset G key configuration and open-hole rings provide an intuitive feel for proper hand position and fingering techniques. The embouchure hole offers an ideal amount of air resistance for new players. These ergonomic details allow students to focus on developing proper technique and tone production.

Handcrafted Silver-Plated Keys

The YFL-262Y features high-quality, silver-plated keys that are hand-assembled for precision fit and smooth action. The durable silver plating prevents tarnish and helps produce a focused tone. The offset G key in particular provides comfortable hand position for new players. These handcrafted keys are built to withstand years of regular use in an educational setting.

Rich, Resonant Tone

The YFL-262Y produces a rich, resonant tone ideal for beginners. Its silver-plated nickel silver head joint, body, and foot joint provide a balanced timbre and projection. The flute's open-hole rings and embouchure hole are designed to encourage proper breath support and focused tone for students. This flute's satisfying sonic qualities will inspire young musicians and enhance their learning experience.

Durable and Portable

The YFL-262Y student flute is designed to withstand regular use in an educational setting. Its silver-plated nickel silver components prevent tarnish and last for years. A protective case is included for safe transport and storage. Lightweight yet durable, this flute is ideal for practice at home or lessons and rehearsals at school.


  • Affordable, yet durable and mechanically sound
  • Ergonomically designed keys for new players
  • Many new refinements
  • Durable case included