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Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute Inline G B-Foot


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Student flute with features a motivated player needs.

The Yamaha YFL-382HY/LPGP Intermediate Flute is an impressive step-up model in Yamaha's esteemed lineup. Based on Yamaha's Professional Series flutes, the YFL-382HY/LPGP is an impressive step-up instrument packed with high-quality appointments for advancing flutists. This value-packed flute derives a pure, light tone from its sterling silver headjoint, nickel silver body and footjoint, and hand-assembled keys. The CY-style headjoint, modeled after a historic cut, offers just the right amount of resistance for solid note control. Boasting an inline key system with French-style ring keys and elegant pointed key arms, the YFL-382HY/LPGP has a delightful feel that responds to the nuances of your playing.

Sterling Silver Headjoint Provides a Rich, Responsive Tone
The YFL-382HY/LPGP features a sterling silver headjoint with a gold-plated lip plate. The sterling silver material warms the sound and helps create a rich, velvety tone that will motivate you to play for hours. The gold plating adds can be useful for players who have a silver sensitivity, as the gold replaces the silver resting against the bottom lip.

Historic-Style Headjoint Offers Nuanced Control
Yamaha modeled the YFL-382HY/LPGP Intermediate Flute's headjoint after their professional CY cut, which provides an ideal amount of resistance for refined breath control and tonal shading. The CY cut enables a broad dynamic range as well as a balanced, centered tone. Its medium wall thickness and medium-large bore strike a perfect balance between free-blowing and focused, helping advancing players develop a mature, controlled sound.

Precision Keywork Responds Intuitively
The YFL-382HY/LPGP has a delightful feel that responds to the nuances of your playing. The hand-assembled keys provide quick, accurate response for articulating each note. Many advanced players prefer the open feel of ring keys for subtle control of their tone. These thoughtful details, combined with high-quality key fittings and pads, result in a flute that plays with the utmost precision and control.

A Step-Up Flute for Budding Virtuosos
With a sterling silver construction, historic CY-style headjoint, inline key system and handcrafted precision, the YFL-382HY/LPGP Intermediate Flute is an impressive step-up model for passionate flutists. Its resonant, focused tone and responsive feel inspire expressive playing, enabling maturing musicians to develop advanced technique and a personal style. For those ready to upgrade, the YFL-382HY/LPGP Intermediate Flute is an instrument that will sing for years to come.


  • Yamaha intermediate flute

    Key of C

    Open-hole model

    Sterling Silver or Gold Lip-Plate options

    Nickel silver body and footjoint

    Silver-plated finish

    Inline or Offset options

    Footjoint options

    Pointed key arms

    Yamaha intermediate flute case & case cover

    Polishing cloth

    Polishing gauze

    Cleaning rod

    Flute Owner’s Manual