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Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute Offset G B-Foot


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Offset open-hole flute with French pointed key arms, sterling silver headjoint, body and footjoint.

The YFL-462HY intermediate concert flute from Yamaha is a superior step-up instrument for devoted flutists ready to advance their skills. Crafted from sterling silver with an offset G key system and French-style ring keys, this flute produces a radiant tone that responds beautifully to artistic expression. The YFL-462HY flute boasts a redesigned intermediate-level headjoint modeled after Yamaha's professional CY cut to provide the perfect amount of air resistance for developing technique. The YFL-462HY delivers an upgrade in playability that inspires musical growth. For passionate flute players seeking an instrument to match their talent, the YFL-462HY is an impeccable choice.

Sterling Silver Construction Resonates with Rich Tonal Color
The YFL-462HY flute's sterling silver headjoint, body and B-footjoint produce a pure, vibrant tone that projects with clarity and depth. Silver is an ideal metal for flutes due to its ability to resonate sound with warmth and nuance, allowing musicians to achieve a wide range of timbres as their skills strengthen.

Redesigned Headjoint Provides Ideal Resistance
Yamaha modeled the YFL-462HY flute's headjoint after their professional CY cut to give developing flutists an embouchure hole with the perfect amount of resistance. The redesigned intermediate headjoint encourages proper breath support and embouchure formation while producing a focused, centered tone. Its medium wall thickness and medium-sized bore make higher registers more accessible as technique improves.

Ergonomic Key System Enhances Playability
Featuring an offset G key system and pointed French-style keys, the YFL-462HY flute has a responsive mechanism that reacts smoothly to the nuances of your fingering. The offset G key in particular allows for more natural hand position and fluid technique. Open-hole keys provide help for refining your skills, allowing for more resonant sound and improved technique

Case Included for Safekeeping and Transport
A plush-lined case is included with the YFL-462H intermediate flute to keep the instrument protected when not in use or during travel. Spacious compartments inside the case allow you to store cleaning supplies and other small items.


  • Sterling silver headjoint, body and C-footjoint
  • French pointed key arms
  • Open-hole keys
  • Undercut and beveled embouchure hole
  • Nickel silver, power-forged keys
  • Case and case cover