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Yamaha YFL-482 Intermediate Flute Inline G C-Foot


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In-line open-hole flute with French pointed key arm, sterling silver headjoint, body and foot joint.

The YFL-482H Intermediate Flute from Yamaha, an impeccably crafted flute designed to elevate advancing players. Based on Yamaha's Professional Series flutes, the YFL-482H brings a pure, resonant tone thanks to its sterling silver construction and hand-assembled keys. With an inline key system and pointed-arm keys for a satisfying feel, the YFL-482H responds intuitively to a musician's nuanced technique. Helpful additions like re-positioned adjustment screws for easier access, footjoint alignment marks for proper fitting, and an intermediate CY headjoint provide high-level features for the advanced player. Whether practicing diligently or performing on stage, the YFL-482H sings with a stunning sonic character. An exceptional step-up flute for passionate flutists ready to take their playing to new heights.

The YFL-482H's sterling silver body and headjoint generate a tone that is clear, focused, and resonant. Silver is an ideal material for flutes because it readily vibrates, producing rich overtones and a broad range of dynamics. The YFL-482H's silver construction gives advancing players a professional-level tone that will continue to mature over time.

With ring keys and an inline G key for natural hand position, the YFL-482H's hand-assembled keys are ergonomically designed for comfort and control. The pointed key arms are elegantly tapered and the key cups are centered over each tone hole, allowing digits to rest in a relaxed, curved position. Ultra-smooth adjustment screws enable precise key regulation for a light, balanced mechanism.

The YFL-482H features an intermediate headjoint in Yamaha's professional CY cut, which provides an ideal amount of air resistance for developing embouchure control and tone projection. Additional details like footjoint alignment marks, ribbed construction, and silver-plated springs demonstrate Yamaha's meticulous attention to quality. A superior step-up flute, the YFL-482H is thoughtfully designed to support advancing flutists through their musical journey.


  • Sterling Silver Headjoint, Body and Footjoint

    Pointed Key Arms

    Open-hole Keys

    In-line G Key

    Undercut and beveled embouchure hole

    Nickel-silver, power-forged keys

    Neoprene key bumpers

    Footjoint marking

    Case & Case Cover