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Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo Standard


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A student piccolo that inspires musical growth.

The YPC-32 Piccolo from Yamaha is designed to nurture developing musicians. Its durable yet lightweight ABS resin body provides an authentic feel while resisting damage and the silver-plated nickel silver headjoint produces a clear, focused tone that will delight young ears. The YPC-32's split E mechanism makes higher notes more accessible, allowing students to advance their skills with confidence. This high-quality piccolo comes with a protective case for safe storage between practices and performances. The YPC-32 Piccolo inspires students to reach their full potential.
Resin Body Mimics Wood While Improving Durability
The YPC-32 Piccolo features an innovative ABS resin body that provides the look and feel of natural wood while improving impact resistance. Students can focus on their music without worrying about dents or scratches and the lightweight body reduces fatigue during long practices. The resin body's authentic wood-like texture gives students an experience akin to that of professional musicians.

Silver-Plated Headjoint Produces a Clear, Focused Tone
The YPC-32 Piccolo owes its pure, resonant tone to a silver-plated nickel silver headjoint. Silver plating helps focus the instrument's sound and enhances projection, allowing students to develop an understanding of proper breath control and embouchure. The focused tone of the YPC-32 Piccolo will inspire students as their skills improve.

Split E Mechanism Provides Access to Higher Registers
Yamaha designed the YPC-32 Piccolo with a split E mechanism that makes higher notes more accessible to developing musicians. Students can advance to sophisticated pieces confidently thanks to the split E mechanism's ease of use. The YPC-32 Piccolo supports students through all stages of their musical education.

Protective Case Keeps Instrument Safe During Transport
The YPC-32 Piccolo includes a durable case to keep the instrument protected when not in use. Students can transport their piccolo safely to lessons, rehearsals and performances knowing it will remain in proper working condition. The protective case gives students and parents peace of mind.

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