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Yamaha YPC-62 Professional Piccolo With Standard Headjoint


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Found in many top orchestras worldwide.

The Yamaha YPC-62 professional piccolo is a stunning demonstration of Yamaha's masterful woodwind making. Grenadilla wood and hand-assembled keys come together to produce a clean, resonant tone that responds to the subtlest nuance. The YPC-62's split E mechanism improves intonation and stability in the higher registers, allowing piccolo players to explore the instrument's full range. Whether performing on stage or recording in the studio, the YPC-62 delivers a peerless experience. This magnificent piccolo is a vision of woodwind excellence from Yamaha.

The YPC-62's grenadilla body and conical bore headjoint produce a tone that is both dark and brilliant, with superb projection. Grenadilla wood is prized for piccolos and flutes due to its acoustic properties and beautiful appearance. Each component is precision crafted and hand-finished, showcasing Yamaha's unparalleled woodworking skills. The headjoint's conical shape and delicate embouchure hole have been designed to enable a full range of dynamics and color.

The YPC-62's split E mechanism stabilizes intonation and enhances playability in the piccolo's highest register by disengaging the E mechanism from the F key, allowing independent adjustment of each pad to ensure precise tuning. Players will appreciate the YPC-62's improved response and stability when performing passages in the third octave and above.

The YPC-62 features high-quality pads and keys assembled by Yamaha craftsmen for an incomparable feel. Each pad has been carefully fitted and voiced to seal properly without sticking. The keys have a fluid, responsive motion that does not bind or click. All posts, springs, and felts have been designed to Yamaha's strict standards. The end result is a piccolo with a light, sensitive touch ideal for any musical situation.

From the premium grenadilla wood to the hand-assembled keys, every detail of the YPC-62 embodies Yamaha's pursuit of perfection. Seasoned musicians and educators worldwide rely on Yamaha woodwinds for their resonant tone, impeccable intonation, and unmatched craftsmanship. The YPC-62 professional piccolo upholds this tradition of excellence and provides an inspiring experience for any player.

  • Level: professional
  • Key: C
  • Body style: standard
  • Body material: grenadilla wood
  • Headjoint: "wave" cut; grenadilla wood; conical bore
  • Key material: nickel-silver
  • Plating: silver (keys and posts)
  • Tone holes: undercut
  • Key types: concave contoured with ribbed key post
  • Key mechanism: split E
  • Spring type: stainless steel
  • Screw type: straight
  • Bumper type: neoprene


  • Grenadilla wood body and headjoint
  • Wave cut, conical bore headjoint
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Silver plated nickel-silver keys and posts
  • Split E mechanism
  • Neoprene bumper
  • Includes case and cleaning rod