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Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone Black Lacquer


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A premium tenor saxophone designed for expressive mastery.

The YTS-82ZII Custom Z tenor saxophone from Yamaha offers professional musicians an instrument that combines tradition and innovation. Developed over years of refinement, the 82ZII provides the ultimate experience in tone, response and control. Its one-piece hand-hammered bell delivers resonant lows and a wide tonal palette. Domed metal resonators extend the dynamic range for effortless expressiveness at any volume. The free-blowing V1 neck offers flexibility and nuance. Improved mechanisms seal notes across the range for a clear, full tone from top to bottom.

One-Piece Bell Resonates with Rich Tone
The 82ZII's one-piece bell is hand-hammered for optimal resonance, improving low-end response and tone. Musicians can explore a wider range of tonal colors for a signature sound. The bell's seamless construction and tapered shape enhance resonance and projection.

Domed Resonators Expand Dynamic Expression
Domed metal resonators deliver an outstanding response with a wider dynamic range. Notes ring clearly at every volume, from the softest whispers to the loudest roars. Musicians can shape phrasing with nuance and express the full breadth of their musical ideas.

V1 Neck Provides a Free-Blowing Feel
The 82ZII's V1 neck is designed for a free-blowing feel and maximum flexibility. Its wide bore taper allows air to flow freely, enabling musicians to bend pitches and explore a range of extended techniques with ease. The V1 neck's design provides an open feel for effortless playability.

Improved Mechanisms Promote Fluid Playability
Refinements to the 82ZII's mechanism improve seal and response across the range. Notes from low B to C# sound clearly with a proper seal for a full tone throughout the low register. A lighter thumb hook and rest also enhance response and tonal cohesion. An adjustable altissimo mechanism gives players control over resistance in the upper register. These features combine for a fluid playing experience and mastery over the entire range of the instrument.

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  • Auxiliary Keys: High F# (Available without High F# key), Front F
  • Key buttons material: Mother of pearl
  • Bell Decoration: Hand engraved
  • Thumb hook: Adjustable
  • Key: Bb
  • Included Accessories: Mouthpiece TS4CM, Case TSC-820