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Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Crash Standard


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A dark, complex cymbal set for discerning drummers.

The Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack delivers a one-of-a-kind sound experience for the serious percussionist. Combining tradition with innovation, these cymbals are crafted from cast bronze using techniques perfected by Zildjian over 400 years. The K Custom Dark cymbals provide a rich, mellow tone with a fast decay and trashy overtones from overhammering. This 4-piece set includes 14" hi-hats, 16" and 18" crashes and a 20" ride—the essential sizes for versatile playing. Inspired by jazz greats like Art Blakey and Elvin Jones, the K Custom Dark cymbals blend dark, shimmering tones with a quick attack for a sound like no other.

Overhammered for Complex Tones
The K Custom Dark cymbals achieve their distinctive sound through overhammering, a process where cymbalsmiths pound the top surface to create tiny grooves. This technique produces complex overtones and a darker, drier tone than traditional K Zildjians. The overhammered finish gives drummers greater control over their sound with cymbals that cut through while singing with rich, melodic overtones.

Essential Sizes for Versatile Playing
This 4-piece set provides a versatile range of tones for drummers. The 14" hi-hats deliver a crisp chick sound with controllable open and closed tones. The 16" and 18" crashes provide subtle distinctions in pitch and volume for accents and crescendos. The 20" ride cymbal features a raised bell with a clear ping and a bow that opens up when played with the shoulder of the stick.

Cast Bronze Construction for Resonance
Zildjian has been manufacturing high-quality cymbals from cast bronze for over 400 years. This alloy provides the ideal combination of durability and tonal resonance. The K Custom Dark cymbals are cast and hammered to perfection, producing a broad range of overtones and a decay suited for intricate drumming styles. Their construction also allows for a consistent, high-quality sound from cymbal to cymbal.

Versatile for All Genres
While inspired by jazz legends, the K Custom Dark cymbals suit drummers playing in any genre. Their dry, complex tones work well for fusion, world and Latin music. Drummers can also use them to add shimmering accents in rock, pop and country songs. With a quick attack and controlled sustain, these cymbals give you the creative freedom to craft your own signature sound.

Experience the dark, melodic tones of the Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack.


Sizes & Purpose
  • Quantity: 4
  • Type: Set
  • Sizes (in): 14/16/18/20
  • Material: Cast Alloy
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Full
  • Cymbal Weight: Thin
  • Bell: Large
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Added Value: No