Item #1535925 Model #KS4681

Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Pack, 14", 16", 18", 21" With Free 18" Crash Standard

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A full set of thin cymbals with traditional K hammering for dark, sweet response.

The K Sweet Cymbal Pack delivers a matched set of thin, washy, sweet sounds with a 14" pair of hi-hats, 16 and 18" crashes and a 21" ride. K Sweet extends the iconic K Family into a new direction, delivering darker tones than the popular A Sweet Family while preserving the sensitivity and sweetness. The K Sweet crashes are extra-thin and feature unlathed bells. They’re hammered with the traditional K-style technique, which darkens the response while ensuring fast attack. The 21" K Sweet ride is fully lathed, emphasizing clear stick definition and bell sound. It’s also easily crashable with the stick shoulder, creating endless possibilities for ride patterns. The hats feature deep hammering, a thin top and extra-heavy bottom. This contrast makes for a solid "chick" sound and full wash.
Sizes and Purpose
  • Quantity: 4
  • Type: Hi-hats/crash/ride
  • Sizes (in): 14/16/18/21
  • Material: Cast alloy
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Multiple
  • Cymbal weight: Thin
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Country of origin: United States


  • Full set of cast bronze cymbals with K hammering and dark, sweet wash
  • 14” hi-hats feature extensive hammering and thin top for extra sensitivity
  • 16 and 18” crashes are thin and fast, with unlathed bells and deep hammer marks
  • 21” ride has clean stick definition, yet shimmers with complex wash when crashed