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Zildjian Z Custom Hi-Hat Cymbals 15 in. Pair


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Iconic hi-hats with brilliant tone to cut through the mix.

The Z Custom hi-hats from Zildjian bring back the brilliant, cutting tone that made the originals famous. With thoughtful design upgrades, these newly redesigned hi-hats offer drummers improved response, articulation and dynamic range compared to the originals.

Cut Through Any Mix With Signature Z Custom Tone

Designed for drummers who need projection, the Z Custom hi-hats deliver a brilliant, energetic tone that will slice through any stage mix. Compared to the original Z Customs, these hi-hats have an expanded dynamic range, from delicate, defined ticking to powerful, metallic chick sounds. The signature Z Custom finish ensures these cymbals will gleam as brightly as your drumming commands attention.

Playability and Feel Enhanced With Reimagined Design

While staying true to the Z Custom legacy, these redesigned hi-hats offer improved durability, response and feel compared to the originals. With thoughtful upgrades, they play incredibly even from edge to bell for crisp articulation to execute intricate rhythms with ease. Available in 14" or 15" sizes, the Z Custom hi-hats feel fantastic under your drum sticks, inspiring creativity behind the kit.

Classic Zildjian Style With Brilliant Finish

One look at the brilliant finish and updated star logo, and you'll know these are authentic Zildjian cymbals. The polished, eye-catching surface will gleam under stage lights, matching the dazzling presence of your drumming. Combining classic Zildjian style with modern innovations, the Z Custom hi-hats are ready to become the next iconic cymbals.

Unlock Your Sound

Imagine your drums slicing through the mix with brilliant articulation and unmatched projection. The reimagined Z Custom hi-hats make this vision a reality. With improved response compared to the originals, these cutting hi-hats inspire confidence and creativity behind the kit. Unleash your personal style with the iconic sound of Zildjian.

  • Quantity: 2
  • Type: Hi-hats
  • Sizes: Multiple
  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: None
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Country of origin: Turkey


Bright, clean "chick" and "tick" sounds with projection Powerfully explosive, cutting tones for metal, punk and hard rock Enhanced musicality, feel and durability Brilliant finish and updated star pattern