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Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride Cymbal 21 in.


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A brilliant cymbal with the loudest bell to rise above the mix.

The Z Custom Mega bell ride brings back the iconic Zildjian sound with a reimagined design. Boasting the largest cymbal bell in the Zildjian family, it projects a remarkably bright, loud and expressive tone to cut through even the loudest mixes. Its explosive brightness allows drummers to unleash their full power and expression across metal, punk, hard rock and more.

Large Cymbal Bell Projects Over the Loudest Mixes

As the name implies, the Z Custom Mega bell ride has the biggest cymbal bell Zildjian offers. This allows it to produce the brightest, loudest and most expressive bell tone possible, ensuring your accents and bell tones cut through the densest onstage mixes. The oversized bell generates both volume and clarity to rise above other instruments. Its clear articulation also makes it easier to interject your musical ideas with precision.

Iconic Z Custom Sound Delivers Explosive Brightness

While modernized, the Z Custom Mega bell ride retains the iconic sound Zildjian is known for. Its tone is explosively bright with a cutting edge, allowing drummers to truly unleash across genres like metal, punk and hard rock. The Mega bell ride excels at high-impact accents and raw, energetic grooves. Its presence enhances the overall sound of your kit. It inspires bold, expressive playing across a wide dynamic range.

Enhanced Design Offers Musicality and Durability

Zildjian updated the Z Custom Mega bell ride with several enhancements to improve musicality, feel and durability while retaining its signature sound. Subtle changes to shape, profile and hammering result in a more nuanced, musical tone. The new lathing technique boosts responsiveness for excellent playability. Upgrades also bolster durability for reliable performance even under heavy playing. Visually, the cymbal bas been changed to an updated star hammering pattern compared to the previous generation that had a swirling round hammering pattern.

Signature Brilliance Stands Out in Any Mix

The crisp, shimmering sound of the Z Custom Mega bell ride allows drummers to slice through any mix with its signature cutting brilliance. Its presence enhances drums across genres from metal to pop to rock and beyond. It's built to deliver bold accents that demand attention, allowing your ideas to shine. With limitless potential for expressive playing, the Z Custom Mega bell ride inspires iconic performances. Let your sound stand out by unleashing its legendary brilliance.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Ride
  • Sizes: Multiple
  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: None
  • Bell: Large
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Country of origin: Turkey


Largest bell in Zildjian cymbal family for loudest, brightest tone Powerfully explosive, bright tone for metal, punk, hard rock Revised design enhances musicality, feel and durability New star hammering pattern