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Zildjian Z Custom Ride Cymbal 22 in.


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A reimagined cymbal with the iconic sound and look drummers love.

The Zildjian Z Custom ride cymbal brings back the instantly recognizable brilliant finish and star pattern that drummers have appreciated for over 30 years. Now available in 20" and 22" sizes, the reimagined Z Custom ride features unrivaled stick definition that lets even the most intricate drum patterns shine through. With a powerful wash and expressive, cutting bell, the cymbal projects your sound confidently across the stage or studio. The signature Z Custom sound cuts through any mix, delivering bold, explosive tones for limitless musical expression.

Define Your Sound With Two Diameter Options

The Z Custom ride comes in both 20" and 22" sizes so you can choose the cymbal that best suits your playing style and fits your kit. The 20" Z Custom ride offers crisp, articulate stick definition for complex rhythms and tight patterns. With a slightly lower pitch, it cuts through loud bands with focused attack. The 22" version features a bigger sound with a wash that blooms for a wider dynamic range. Let your creative vision and musical setting guide you toward the Z Custom ride size that will define your drumming.

Intricate Patterns Shine Through the Mix

Imagine laying down even the most intricate ride pattern and having every nuance shine through the band. The Z Custom ride cymbal provides unrivaled stick definition, articulating your rhythms cleanly and precisely. The grooves you meticulously craft will cut through loud stage volumes and busy band mixes with clarity and presence. Compositions with complex rhythms or polyrhythms are no match for the ride's ability to reveal detail. Let your technical skills flourish as your sound punches through the chaos.

Project Your Sound With a Cutting Ride

The Z Custom's powerful wash and expressive, cutting bell enable drummers to project confidently across the stage or studio. Its signature sound delivers the full-bodied crash you want underneath, while the bell provides clear articulation on top. With volume to spare, it allows your cymbal work to be heard by every audience member. The brilliant finish amplifies reflectivity for added volume to cut through the band. Unleash your drumming without holding back.

Reimagined Design With an Iconic Look

This reimagined Z Custom ride combines musicality, feel and durability with the instantly recognizable star pattern and brilliant finish of the original. Appreciated by drummers for over 30 years, the cymbal's stunning visual aesthetic makes a statement behind the kit before you even strike it. Visually, the cymbal has been changed to an updated star hammering pattern compared to the previous generation that had a swirling round hammering pattern. With musicality to match its iconic look, the Z Custom ride brings together yesterday's timeless sound and today's modern looks.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Ride
  • Sizes: Multiple
  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: None
  • Bell: Standard
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Country of origin: Turkey


Powerful wash with expressive cutting bell Unrivaled stick definition for intricate patterns Bright explosive tones for hard rock and metal Iconic brilliant finish and star pattern