So, you’ve got your new instrument, but now what? You need clear, specific instructions on how to start playing. How do you hold your instrument? When does it need cleaning or a tune-up? Where and how often should you practice? No matter if the instruments are woodwinds, brass, guitars, percussion, or piano, we can help.

Our resource guides are written by lesson instructors or professional musicians, and are aimed at the brand-new beginner player. With easy-to-follow descriptions, videos, and pictures, they help make the introduction to your instrument easy, from mouth and hand placement to reading sheet music. Select your instrument below to get started with a more in-depth look at its anatomy, the tools and accessories required for successful play, methods for cleaning and maintenance, and tips for practice discipline and posture.

Are you a few weeks into your practice and still hitting some speed bumps? We’ve got suggestions and solutions. At the Music & Arts’ Lesson Studio we have more than 65 years of instrument experience in rentals, sales, lessons, and repairs. All of our lesson instructors trained at the university level and have vast experience with their chosen instrument. For more tips and tricks, check our blog, The Vault, or consider private lessons from hand-selected lesson instructors at a Music & Arts store location near you.

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