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Alfred Not Just Another Scale Book 2 Piano Standard


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10 Innovative Piano Solos Using Major and Minor Scales with 3 to 7 Sharps.

Hidden within all of the 10 innovative piano solos in each volume are scales-sometimes ascending, sometimes descending-in one or both hands. What makes each book "Not Just Another Scale Book," however, is the accompanying CD that features wonderfully orchestrated background tracks. Book 1 features pieces written in both major and minor keys up to two sharps or flats. Book 2 has pieces written in major and minor keys using three to seven sharps. By Mike Springer. Level: Late Intermediate. Titles: Cry of the Whippoorwill * Downtown Groove * Enchanted Lake * Irish Festival * Jamaican Breeze * Midnight Forest * Mountain Sunrise * Rainy Day Blues * Sailing the Open Sea * Star Gazing.