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Alfred Sound Innovations for Concert Band - Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band Baritone Saxophone/Alto Clarinet Standard


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Sound Innovations for Concert Band.

Sound Innovations - Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band is a complete curriculum for beginning band students to help them grow as ensemble musicians. The series complements any band method and supplements any performance music. It contains 167 exercises - including more than 100 chorales by some of today's most renowned young band composers. Various exercises at the grade 1/2 - 1 - and 1 1/2 levels are grouped by key - including:

* Long Tones* Passing the Tonic* Pitch Matching* Scale Builders* Interval Builders* Expanding Intervals* Chord Builders* Moving Chord Tones* Diatonic Harmony* Rhythmic Subdivision* 5-Note Scales* Scale Canons (5, 6, or 8-Note Scales)* Scale Chorales (5, 6 and 8-Note Scales) * Chorales*

The compositions were written by Roland Barrett - Chris Bernotas - Jodie Blackshaw - Matt Conaway - Ralph Ford - Tyler S. Grant - Rob Grice - John O'Reilly - Robert Sheldon - Todd Stalter - Randall Standridge - Michael Story - and Scott Watson. Whether your students are progressing through exercises to better their technical facility - or improving their musicianship with beautiful chorales - we are confident your performers will be excited - motivated - and inspired by using Sound Innovations Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band.