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In difference to other musical instruments the Alto & Tenor Horns can trace its definite roots to the Belgian instrument expert Adolphe Sax. This can be proven conclusively from the saxotromba patent which cites the soprano voice tuned in Eb evolving into to Bb and further into Eb (alto) providing explanation for the name alto horn. Today the Tenors are redesigned with larger dimensions closely resembling the saxophones. You can find the mini-tuba bell pointing upward shape solo enlarged flugelhorn shape and the bell facing backward marching alto horn. This gives the instrumentalist more unobtrusive reading in the mid and upper registers and also provides a range of choices according to the individual taste.

The modern Tenor Horns are designed for real performances with an ergonomic holding design modified lead pipe with reactive and slick blowing valves. Each tenor horn consists of a number of parts such as Ø bore Bell Ø bell monel valves with top sprung action Waterkeys Lyre holder etc. Each of the parts are chosen after years of research and testing to give the best tonal responses and are scrupulously arranged with a state-of-the-art design to ensure that it looks right on your hand and heart. Now you can grasp the widest tonal possibilities from the soft pianissimo whisperings to the big fortissimos never flinching to the slightest degree. The tenor horn has left the performance and concert arena but has found its well deserved place in brass bands concert bands and also on individual solo performances.